Friday, August 13, 2010

My Curie is way hotter than your Curry.

Lately Jeffrey has been bragging about all the curries he has been enjoying and I just have to one-up him now that I have experienced a curie that makes all others pale by comparison. The traditional method of rating hotness is by the use of the scoville scale. For my curie, I needed a whole different scale and while it only goes to 2500, I assure you it packs far more punch than anything served in a Thai place.

The true test of this curie is to subject something to it and look at the results. With good reason I chose something British in the form of a Lowther PM2A magnet whose gap had closed during shipping. Below is the good magnet from the pair and the damaged magnet after the curie had hit 1700.

Well our British friend doesn't look like he handled the curie very well bat a slight tap with a hammer proved the experiment to be a success.

The one thing seemingly missing from the above image are the rods that hold the magnet structure together while the glue holding it together sets. Since they cannot be magnetic, I always thought they were bronze. Well since they disappeared while imbibing in the curie I guess they were of some other alloy. Below is a picture with a magnet-less Lowther structure showing the missing rods.

Next step is to sandblast things to clean them up. At some point down the road there will surely be a post about how my amps are so much larger than your pesky mili-amps when it comes time to recharge these babies.


  1. Those Lowthers look very scorched. All hail the peppers. 60 habenero's

    This year I have cooked two hot sauces but nothing that could have done that to Lowthers. This years sauces are as follows.
    1. Satans Ass Pimple Juice
    2. Devil Bunnies Liquid Hell Fire


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