Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Phase plug tweeters, PT II...

The tweeter that I am using for the phase plug tweeter that goes in the Lowther front horn is finally back in stock. They have been back ordered for nearly a year. I am not sure how long they will available, so speak up if you want one of these. I will turn them from maple or mahogany, your choice. Lead-outs will be 30 gauge magnet wire. In Dallas we rolled these in with a very small cap - 0.33uF - and it blended well. Quite a few people remarked on the clean treble. Pessetto was as effusive as an engineer can be. (I am an engineer as well and am therefore qualified to make fun of him).

This is such a time consuming small job that I don't really want to take any future single orders for these. I will make a group of them now, and then it will likely be a while before any are made again. Pricing will be between $750 and $1250, depending on how many orders come in...

Thanks everyone!

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