Saturday, March 5, 2011

Space Invaders

Picked up a few of these off the 'bay last week and lets look a bit closer to see what was going on.  As I unpacked them I came upon my biggest peeve and that is the combined use of bubble wrap and packing tape.  If you must use tape to secure bubble wrap a very small well placed piece will serve the purpose, there is absolutely no need to cover every square inch of bubble with packing tape to prevent accidental unwrapping during shipping.

Upon unwrapping the first tube and nearly slicing my finger off with an exacto blade I came upon this disturbing sight.

Next I tried scissors and the result was similar.

Brute force opened the next three and gave me this.  Nice clean getter huh?

Finally upon opening the last one I was greeted with hope.

Now that is how it is supposed to look.  Too bad the effen filament is open.

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  1. Those do have the most fragile little plate and filament structures. Sorry to see those came through bad! I have a few (368A/AS also) but haven't used them yet. I wonder if they oscillate like mad? They might, they are designed to run at very high freq....



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