Monday, March 28, 2011

Walt Disney and Toy Stories.

Toys, trampolines and video games can only get you so far when you take your kids to an audio event.  At some point you need to put the kids down for a few hours and deal with the results at a later date.  I think I found the perfect service.

It was time to leave so I needed to collect the kids.

Note to self.... don't freeze your kids since they start talking in audiophile terms


  1. Bloody hell that is cool. Will you freeze my severed heads?

  2. Screw Benjamin Spock and that instant gratification parenting BS that ruined my wussy generation...SLAGLE, parenting guru for the post-Fukushima age!!

  3. Was his voice smoother and less grainy after the cryo treatment?

  4. oh, perfect. i need their services too! but maybe just for me...?


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