Monday, March 7, 2011

A tale of two boxes.

Shipped two identical 20 pound flat rate boxes to Australia last month an one took 6 days longer than the other to arrive.

Here are their stories.

What I find amazing is that on the 28th they attempted delivery three times.   Most of the time my postman just leaves a note saying "come get it"


  1. Freight to Australia is absolutely insane. I just got sticker shock on a few things to my friend there.

  2. Lol... this made me to remember when I received a Commonwealth 12D turntable from Downunder, a couple of years ago, I found inside the (bruised, battered) double carton box... a dead spider, a BBBBIIIG, hairy one;-) and an eucalyptus leaf... VERY Aussie!

  3. For me shipping to Italy is the most surreal. Once your package arrives in Italy it drops into a wormhole only to emerge months later at its destination.


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