Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CAF from the beginning.

I think this picture sums it up.

Thursday afternoon we needed some stunt speakers and Milo shows up as our savior.  Total props go out to Milo, Barret and Beau for going above and beyond for the family!

The next test after getting functional sound was to get the strain gauge mounted on the Schroder and the Shilabe on the Siggwan.  The first part was easy but the headshell of the siggwan was about 3mm thicker than the previous headshell so the hardware just couldn't make it.  Mind you now we are talking M2.5 X 25mm hardware in hand and it was midnight.

The solution came up at 8am the next morning (after greeting Barret and Win at 5am and putting them to bed) where the local hardware store next to the whole foods actually had some 4-40 parts that were 1.25" (32mm) long... and in BRASS!.  The rest is just a simple example of problem solving.

 The first problem to address was to turn a pan head slotted screw to a makeshift socket head.  Next was making a hex nut round.  I thought everything was golden until I realized there was zero option to adjust the cartridge due to the overall diameter of the 4-40's.  If it were my cartridge, I would have drilled the body out but that wasn't an option (yet).

A little more work "schroder style" in the bathroom of a hotel I was able to dig into my manhattan portage bag of tricks to get that puppy mounted.

I know the moral of the story is to simply increase the breadth of the cartridge mounting hardware I travel with but sometimes the story is worth the effort and all it took was some creativity and a few abrasive wheels.

Moving backward to my first CAF post.... I'll leave you with the first place mike started blasting vinyl on sunday.


  1. My favorite saying. When there is a will, there is a way. Nice effort. Love it.

  2. How did we forget to take pictures of the room tuning session at 3:30?? Fun time was had by all, although I am still paying for my lack of sleep.


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