Thursday, August 15, 2013

Go to the Library.

We don't care what library you go to... just learn.

Don't blindly follow...  LEARN.

 enough preaching and onto the facts.... a friend sent me to the link to a .pdf of one of these books.

 they are both the same book with a couple of revisions between the two.  Like most book collectors, I want the earliest edition... not for absolute value but for the integrity of the information.

Total props are given in the second printing for credit.

Then comes the library tag and the question of why was this copy ripped from the public and sold for $20? 

CUT.... another book with the same sticker.

This one belongs to Blackie.  I just have it on loan from his private library. ..he did me the solid with no late fees



  1. Nice.
    Have you checked it for radioactivity?

  2. Does this make you the Absent Minded Professor? Loved that movie when I was a kid.


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