Monday, August 5, 2013

Triode Pete

I had the pleasure of being invited to Triode Pete's house for a Rave.  I met pete a couple of years ago and a number of things we talked about overlapped but it wasn't until I needed some CO2 for the Blackman Brew at the CAF last year did all all come home.  Pete is family and I hope the following pictures show you why.

Lets start with 50's in his Loesch and Wiesner amps.

The amp let us listen to 300B's 50's and 10's and for the first time I actually heard a 10 I liked...  (and no I'm not saying anything other than it was from the dark lantern camp and it was not a globe)

Maybe some of the magic came from one of Arthur's custom crossovers for the Tannoy 12" gold monitors.

Next time around, I think it can be arranged to bring the full compliment of tubes to amuse these amps.  The mesh 10's and 50's  will stay on static display until the anjeo flows and the experts calculate the risk. 

All of those ancient tube and tannoys were listened to through a digital front end in a "den" system.  If you wandered out and found the main system there was vinyl!  Anyone with an astute eye will see the genrad supplies that evolved into the tempo electric phono.

It is also important to note the pet friendly main room listening environment transducers.

Of course they were  powered by  Loesch and Wiesner.  This time a 45/ 2A3 unit with some vintage biplates singing.  

I'm confidant that the blur is shek's 46% talking.

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  1. Hey Dave - Great to have you over. Can't wait for the next GTG (hopefully before RMAF)... I'll have you over once I upgrade my horn drivers...



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