Monday, July 31, 2017


Spent last weekend in the land of walter an neglected to take pictures so I'll just give some brief observations and a funny story.

We converted the 8 RCA MI-1432 field coil drivers from Lambda power supplies to Tungars and that really seemed to help the authority on the low end.  I also was able to try the LCR tape EQ out on the Studer A80 with some awesome source material and lets just say there is a huge amount of promise to the use of LCR for Tape EQ so stay tuned.

Now for my highlight of the weekend.  I took a bunch of cull records up to give away and left them in the back of the Element with the hatch open for folks to thumb through.  Since no good deed goes unpunished, upon leaving yesterday I found a car with a very dead battery and no jumper cables in sight.  As Walter was calling AAA for a jump I was thinking of fabricating some jumpers from a 500 foot spool of belden mic cable in the garage.  The car was parked such that the run would have needed to be 20 feet or so and while possible,  I thought why bother since a truck was on the way. Being a little slow on the uptake and staring at the 120VAC mocking me 6 feet from the thirsty battery I did finally recall  the original purpose of tungars. A field coil supply and two runs of mic cable had the car purring like a kitten in about 15 minutes.  Alas my car bitched all the way home about the flavor of the alternator electrons compared to the sweet taste of tungar.



    Good job! Our own field coil adventure was an audiophile failure. The power supply had an issue but instead of getting into fixing it we just opened a few beers and listened to records all night ;)


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