Friday, April 1, 2011

Making Noodles.

I have been debating about posting this but what the heck,  we all are human and sometimes mistakes give us more enjoyment than being perfect.

I could have edited it down to show the thing I really wanted to show and avoid the obvious error but that would be a cheat.  The funny thing is, once I locked down the tool post, the linguine came off to the right and even though the cut was better the video was boring.  After the initial mistake, I made (and filmed) 10 more cuts of new pieces and they all were identical and nowhere near as interesting as this.

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  1. With the loose tool post, your tool height and angle changed when it entered the cut, so if you want it to cut like that with the post locked down, you could adjust your tool height. I get my chips going either way randomly.


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