Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artemis Labs PH-1

I have been listening to the Artemis Labs PH-1 and PH-1S for some time and the PH-1S with its nickel outputs is staying.  This means that the PH-1 needs to find a new home and after talking things over with JJ we agreed that the occasional "for sale" post isn't to terribly sleazy and I'd rather offer it up here to family first before dealing with the great unknown.

This is a unit that has low hours on it and the little old lady who owned it only drove it to church on Sunday.  Seriously it has only used for shows and it might have seen an occasional reviewer.  It is in great condition and I can offer a 1 year warranty on it.  It is a 120V 60hz unit so it is perfect for the states.  (for overseas, different voltages are possible )

The specs and user manual can be found on Sean's Artemis Pages but the basics are:

-Designed by John atwood
-54dB of gain (low ratio SUT needed for MC carts)
-Hand built in the US
-Choke loaded output stage

the rest of the info is at the link above.  Below are a bunch of pics showing the unit which retails for $3500.  Looking to get $1850.   One just sold on the 'gon for $1900 without the family behind it or any sort of warranty so I think that is fair.  I can also provide photo proof that this unit is fully backed and approved by a well known German.

As for the sonic characteristics, does it compete with the LCR's at 5-10X the  price? It holds its own.  Now compare it to any of fashionable tube units out there using an ungodly amount of 12**7 tubes at multiples the price and I honestly say it will run circles around them.

Enough blabbing on my part. Below are the rest of the pictures showing the boring details. 

If anyone out there needs an affordable tube phono that they can trust, I truly believe this one is a steal.


  1. Hello, How can I contact you about the Artemis?
    Thanks, John

  2. Hello, How can I contact you about the dog?
    Thanks, A.Cat

  3. I'm Mr. Cat, The black german model is not for sale but I have a much larger (read fatter) american model in yellow that is yours for free and I'll even pay shipping.

  4. Sorry to be so late for the update. Unit sold to the first responder. I'll let the other responders know if another becomes available.



  5. Hi, very interested in the free SUT's.
    Name is Dominic Harper

  6. hi Dave

    I just try to get one like that .
    Could you please send me a bunch of infos about ?Also your comments abourt S version will be approciate ???Maybe it is worth to put some $$$ on the top to get better - you know that it does mean that you always will get it :-)
    But you had a chance to listen to both so i believe that you are a right person to ask about .




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