Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I tasted my first Black Man today,

All of the guys in Texas lead by Johnny have been raving about all the Black Man they have tried.  Being the jealous type, I too wanted to try a Black Man myself since they are impossible to get outside the Dallas area.  When brewmaster innerurban asked for my address, little did I realize it was for the illegal activity of sending 6 Black Man across state lines.  He confidently assured me assured me that Fedex ground has no issues shipping Black Man as long as you call them "yeast samples"  Much to my surprise, the Black Man showed up today showing great diversity with three matched pairs of Pale, Brown and deep Black.

I properly chilled and opened up a Belgian Black Man and in searching for the proper glassware, decided that I needed  to share my Black Man with some friends.


  1. Yo, you need a Rib Sandwich Wit Bone to go wit that Wit Beer!

    Wish I was drinking one of those Foreign Stouts instead of the Trader Joe runoff I'm drinking right now.


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