Saturday, March 27, 2010

New From The Emia Mint.

During a recent plating episode I became fairly bored watching the copper grow and I started having some fun.  The results were astonishing!  I want to introduce you to the newest product from the Emia Mint.

The copper quarter was the result of the combination of mindless hours of watching copper grow and beer.  At some point during the process, one of the spectators asked the benign question "where does the copper come from?"   This seemingly simple question brought forth the second product from the Emia Mint and that is the Copper Quarter / Silver Penny tandem.  To our knowledge, the picture below represents the first know case of all of the copper form a penny being electrically removed and deposited on a quarter. 
For a limited time The Emia Mint will perform this miracle of nature for free. (plus a small processing fee of $72.26)  For an additional $50 surcharge we can actually preform this process on coins you supply and offer a generous 26 cent discount for coins supplied with sentimental value.

Enough fun... The coins above are indeed what I say but in the interest of full disclosure (and to keep my friend Roy happy) I am forced to publish the never seen before images of the above coins before a slight amount of treatment with some  #0000 steel wool to polish them up.

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