Sunday, March 14, 2010

Speedy Delivery!

nope.. actually not... Mr. McFeely would be faster than customs.. horns flagged for x-ray inspection??!!

but it has made me think about delivering.... crating.. shipping.. but how cool would it be to have an old school delivery truck? So here's me in my truck.. delivering tubes and horns around the neighborhood... (this picture looks so much like me that it weirds Lisa out.. no photoshopping at all)... and check out the sweet phone number.

That leads to this unbelievable ride. It has been Spring Break for the kids all week. I was taking them (and I cannot lie, I love to skate, so me as well) to the skatepark. We passed this cool car shop... and right out front they have the coolest Divco I have ever seen... I braked, swerved, and managed not to crash...

The pink just makes it straight out of Dr. Seuss. I love how the windows arc *out* as they rise from the hood to the roofline. I know of no other car that does that. I am not sure my daughter would ever talk to me again if I actually tried to pick her up from school in this, but man it would be awesome to load it up with gear and go cross country cruising...


  1. The photograph of the guy in the radio truck does look like you. I'm starting to believe in past lives.


  2. So how much do they want for the pink beastie?

    That is so cool. I doubt I could drive it to Little Rock in one go.

  3. So I can expect that you'll show up in that pink truck to deliver my horns? ;)

  4. So if it's pink it must be a Milk Of Magnesia truck . . .


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