Monday, November 8, 2010

More RIAA Nickel....

yummy! yummy! Nickel gives me butterflies in my tummy!

Phono is tough. I can't sugar coat it. Easily more parts than a big amplifier. Add to that the requirement of absolutely dead silent, and it is work. But it is work with rewards - butterflies when things all finally come together....

I also often get the question of why my phono is so expensive... and why it weighs so much... Above is a picture of my signal chassis from one side. Below is a picture from the rear. The signal chassis has fifteen pieces of hand wound nickel inductors alone.. nearly all of which are custom for this project. The power supply has another dozen or so chokes and transformers as well... and then there are the film in oil capacitors... and the potted teflons... That is how I end up over 150 pounds for phono. It just happens. Blame Dave. Kick him in the shins if you want. Tell him it is from me. My back will thank you.

[Some rough snapshots of new Kahn Phono are up at Experience Music]

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