Monday, November 29, 2010

Western Electric 13c

This beauty popped up on eBay. Sold for a little over US$3k.

The WE13 was new to me. It appears quite similar to the 7A, but scaled up for public address by swapping in 205's over the 216's to get some power.

Check out the construction. I like it! Dave can you make my iron look like this sweet silver and black... and all caps should be engraved, right?

and then the literature.... This baby driving some horns to a huge crowd. Who says you need a Crown amp for PA?

(Joe, I hope to get to listen to it in Korea.)


  1. I just inherited a 13c, just the box. No amp, just an empty box, do you think that this would be of any value to someone into this equipment? Thanks Justin.

  2. Hey there! I'm doing some research on acquiring a 13-C or something modern with similar specs. I would love to speak to you about it if possible!


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