Friday, November 26, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

On one of my Asheville trips I went to the Radio Museum at their local technical college. What met me in the first case had me crying with laughter. Thousands of students walk past this case every day. It is in the main lobby announcing the museum upstairs. I am sure not a single student has ever noticed what is wrong with this display. In fact, it probably indicates just how much of a geek I am that I found it so amusing... are you that much of a geek as well?

In fact, every single tube in the display was incorrect. The highlight for me was the "battery" Eimac. Although it is an absolutely beautiful early specimen with the open plate connection, the six amp filament draw would eat even a giant lead acid cell extremely quickly. Below are two of the same shots with what should be in them.

so just beware when that eBay auction that is tempting you says, "museum quality"...


p,s.- That VT-2 is the driver that I am using in the final 304tl build. Yummy tennis balls... :^)


  1. yeah but what about some chassis shots from upstairs?

  2. crazy! Some nice tubes there but all in the wrong sockets. that 50T battery triode looks like a nice one though. Would be cool to build an amp around those. I wonder where all the real tubes for those sockets went...


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