Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes you get lucky!

Silver Silver Silver!   Yes it seems every other day another person is asking me about silver windings and I say the same thing to everyone.  It is really easy to get but insanely expensive so write me the blank check and I'll get it done. 

I was doing up a batch of autoformers for the Bent remote units and figured it was time to dig into my meager stash of silver wire and do up a pair that I can circulate among a few of the OEM's who have been asking for silver.

The red enamel is the copper wire I typically use and the pair wound with the gold enameled wire is essentially my remaining stash of silver wire.  I was actually really scared to use it since even though I did all of the calculations I feared the dreaded out of wire with 30 turns to go.  As the pictures above prove, I didn't run out of wire and now I'd like to show you what remains of my current silver stash.

I guess that means I can offer up some nice $10K silver interconnects :-)


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