Thursday, April 8, 2010

The cartridge from the black lagoon.

An anonymous person :cough: JJ :cough: sent me this cartridge he got in a swap.  Said it didn't sound very good so it seemed like a good donor.  It showed up today and a closer look really was interesting.
There is a piece of plastic over the coils suspension and gap to keep junk out and removing it made things even more interesting. 

That big fuzzy thing at the top of the pic is magnetic and it seen in the bottom right of the first picture.
Some light work with a soft stylus brush cleaned things up a fair bit but still notice all of the little magnetic bits sticking out.
 Finally a closer look at the coils.  The good news is the cantilever is intact and the tip doesn't look too bad.  There are some other issues but this looks like a perfect candidate to experiment with.  (Shamelss request here) If any of you have dead MC carts collecting dust in a junkbox, I'm currently accepting sacrifices :-)

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