Thursday, April 15, 2010

Speaking of Hamfests...

I was talking with one of the family music/tube/horn junkies the other day, and he had never heard of a hamfest! So, my friends, hit google... find one local to you. I promise you will find interesting - like this truck.. worried the government is watching or perhaps just a SETI guy.. the picture does not do justice to the amount of communications gear on here..

But the real reason to go is to buy stuff. Remember me telling you that my shop was clean and that I made all this new shelf space? Well, it is all gone. It wasn't my fault! When you are offered a crate of maybe forty potted transformers and chokes for $2 (not each, for all of them), what are you going to say? No? Daven pots for a few bucks... box of NOS chassis for $5.... HP meters for $2... and all sorts of wild ham gear.. receivers of all sorts... and I hate to buy them to gut for parts.. they are so cool.. so I took some photos for inspiration..

I also picked up an old Atwater Kent radio. I had to. It was full of 26's. There is nothing wrong with a row of DHT's that ends in a globe 71A... ahh.... and you know how I feel about old tube gear..

So, yes, Lisa did use my full name when addressing me as I pulled into the driveway. She could tell I had gotten into trouble because the truck was riding low. I guess next time I should pass on the second crate of transformers... totally guilty...

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