Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mats called me a tease!

Sorry, brother... I didn't mean to leave you all hanging like that. I honestly had just been trying to get some other things done. Believe me, it pained me at least as much as you to not know what those horns sounded like - especially when I was having to walk around them all day long!

So they are now running in the shop. Goto low mid on them. No treble yet, so the highs are very directional. I will have to fix that with the 600LC later this week. Just moving from a 320LC to the 140LC and dropping the crossover an octave or so was a revelation. It was like being home again. All the irritation and raggedness (that had to have been coming from the Altec 15's) is now gone. BIG and clean midrange... not overly forward.. not too laid back.. not drawing attention... just *right*... I can't tell you how happy I am...

If I ever try to build a direct radiator anything again, would someone please smack me?


  1. JJ,
    What's the driver and x/o? Maybe I can persuade Pete to fire up something similar here you see...

  2. Sensational!
    Inspired me to fire up an amp for my Oris-150.
    Always great to put some distance between the 15's and HF.
    Big step just using 8"B&C.
    Onward towards 2" midrange!


  3. Those 34" horns look so small in that picture.


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