Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Putting the Slinky back on the mandrel....

OK.. dave alluded to this one a while back... and it is pretty funny..

As you guys know, Dave is the one with the winder. But when you have to wind something, like *RIGHT NOW*, you improvise... so what you see above is the mandrel I hastily turned for the upper midrange field coil compression driver. The basic procedure is to wind bondable wire on this mandrel that is shaped like the pole piece of the driver. Then you bake it to turn the wire into a solid slab. The slab slides off the mandrel... drops into the driver... you attach the back plate and diaphragm, and listen to music... ahhh... In this picture you can see the first few turns of wire already on the mandrel. Pay no attention to the missing end cap.

In this picture you see the improvised winder. It is just an old drill press mounted to a work table.

This was a completely full spool of wire. As you can see it was nearly empty when, ahem, "something" happened...

Remember that end cap I told you about above? Here it is... next to my new Slinky.

Yep. I needed longer screws. ouch.

However, all is well that ends well. Lesson learned. The drivers have been up in my listening room for well over six months. In side by side comparisons with the Goto 370 and the JBL 2435Be, all on 600 LC horns, everyone has chosen the field coils. I knew I dug them, but they are my babies... I have had them in my head for years and years.. so I am genuinely biased.. for other manufacturers and casual listeners to verify what I hear is, well, yippee!

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