Saturday, April 3, 2010

davey has a new toy

finally scored one of these bad boys off ebay.

I have a camera adapter on the way but being the impatient soul that I am I had to hack something up to see where things fall.

This was with the camera hand held and a proper mount will do wonders but I'm still happy as a first try.  That shiny silver thing in the lower right is a 30ga insulin needle that is .01" (1/4mm) in diameter.  For reference that needle is about the same diameter of the wire I wind the autoformers with.  The cool thing is the adapter has a 2X lens in it and to get this picture I needed to zoom out so I should be able to get in a fair bit closer.


  1. Finally, you'll be able to get stuff done.

  2. man i (think) i need one of those...
    the ones on extending arms that can mount over the lathe or mill...


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