Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music Maker of the Month - Bruce Bosler

Bruce used to be a quite normal audiophile. He would even listen to a cable. Then slowly he discovered low powered tube amplifiers... then Lowthers... then horns... How many audiophiles that you know would do this to their listening room?

So Bruce was happily listening to his Avant Garde Duo Omegas. But when I would visit, my only comment was how the bass just couldn't hang with the mids. That comment was buried in the middle of conversations about Shelly Manne and Art Pepper... but then he asks me for a proper basshorn design. Let me tell you, I get this question all the time. How many people do you think even can reply after I send a drawing of a twenty foot long horn with a twelve square foot mouth? Bruce didn't reply with "maybe", he replied with pictures of the throat sections!

I also drew up a stacked supply direct coupled amp for him. He loved the sound, but wanted more gain, so he stacked a third stage! For those of you that have not played with this topology, each stage is dependent on the preceding for bias. When one drifts, they all drift. Bruce got tired of adjusting bias depending on time of day and wall voltage, so he made his own wall power! Nuts! He grabbed a signal generator, fed it to a giant 4kW prosound amp, and now enjoys not only stable, but also clean AC...

My most recent conversations with Bruce have been along the lines of "I think I am actually done with hardware". Friends, this is where you want to be.. buying vinyl and breaking in that listening chair...


  1. i love the light bulb hanging by the wire in that picture. So ironic!

  2. the light bulb hanging from the wire make it feel like it could be my home.

    Those are some serious horns. I like it.

  3. Hell yes! Don't need no skinny small *&#$*& speakers : ) BRAVO

  4. Wonderful! Beyond nutty!


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